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Interactive Learning via Gamification

Mommy & Little Bytes (18mo-3yrs)

Our classes for our Little Bytes include building, stacking, hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and experimenting in a safe, clean environment.

Critters (4yrs-6yrs)

Our classes for our Critters focuses on critical thinking, team building, tinkering, and introduction to computers

Tinkers (6yrs-12yrs)

Our Tinkers have just as much fun as our Critters, with more focused on programming, media editing, and robotics

Ninjas (13yrs-18yrs)

We have different levels of Ninjas. Ones who've never seen technology and ones who have seemingly mastered it. Whichever level your Ninja is at we will help hone their skills and get them ready for the real world. They will build sites, learn ecommerce, learn about blogging, etc.

Open Labs (sorted by age)

From time to time we have Classes Available for STEAMers of all ages. Here they can learn about blogging, media, circuits and photoshop design as well.

Full STEAM Academy

There's Always Another Way

  • What is STEAM?

    STEAM is an educational methodology that promotes collaboration, critical thinking, creative innovation and curiosity through science, arts and technology. The name itself stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

  • Why Full STEAM Academy?

    At Full STEAM Academy, we bring about innovation and fun through collaborative and project-based learning. Kids work closely together in a hands-on way to solve real-world problems. Full STEAM Academy empowers both girls and boys to embrace our technology advanced world head on. By understanding the technology we use, our Esteamers are more prepared and are more likely to achieve a more advanced career. Everyone has a different learning style, with Full STEAM Academy by their side, Esteamers realizes that there is always another way to get to their particular goal.

  • Who can join Full STEAM Academy?

    We offer a variety of programs for all ages. Our youngest Esteamer start from 2 years and our oldest at 18 years. Young Esteamers benefit from watching and learning about cause and effect through building, stacking and manipulating organic, non-toxic, safe materials. While older Esteamers learn through code and programming labs. Our Ninja level Esteamers will have a portfolio of coding projects they can present.

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Making STEM FUN by adding an A


Making STEM FUN by adding an A


Introducing a whole new world


Why our kids need to learn to Code


Wonder League Robotics Club


Summer Schedule

Adult Classes and Private Classes are available. Please call for details.

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